Jun 02, 2017

‘The Great Escape’ – a poem inspired by HenPower

Enjoy ‘The Great Escape’ written by resident Gail Holder and inspired by The Whiddon Group’s award winning creative ageing program, HenPower.

Based around creative activities, arts, social connections, pet therapy and keeping chooks, HenPower was developed by UK organisation Equal Arts. Whiddon are the first aged care provider to offer HenPower in Australia and won a Better Practice Award in 2016 for our HenPower trial.

The Great Escape

Oh! What a pickle we were in,
When we escaped from our ‘Chicken Pen’.

Was our first time out within the year,
We were happy and had no fear.

We ran in the garden and along the path,
Chased the birds and had a laugh.

We drank water and dug up worms,
Pulled the garden apart, we all took turns!

And when it came time to go to bed,
We made them chase us around instead.

But as night time started to rear its head,
We knew it was time to go to bed.

So off to bed we all went,
And hoped tomorrow we could
escape again.

Gail Holder
Whiddon resident

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