Health and wellbeing

Healthy ageing and wellbeing

Our approach to care and wellbeing is hollistic, and healthy ageing forms an important part of this. Keeping people connected, staying physically and mentally active, finding meaningful and purposeful activities and feeling part of a community are essential to wellbeing.

At Whiddon, we ensure that people can still participate and enjoy the things that matter to them, from gardening, art, singing and cooking, to sharing skills with younger generations and even raising chooks!

Creative Ageing

Creative Ageing is integral to our wellbeing approach to care and we offer a wide range of exciting creative ageing programs.

We use Creative Ageing as part of our approach because of the strong connections between the arts and good health, and the lifelong benefits that creative therapies and programs offer. We use humour, art, music, song and dance, cooking, storytelling and pet therapy to bring enjoyment and improve the health and wellbeing of our clients and residents.

Read more about Creative Ageing at Whiddon


Find out more about our healthy ageing programs:

  • HenPower creative ageing and pet therapy program
  • VintageBites social cooking program
  • PlayUp
  • Art and music programs
  • Choirs and singing groups
  • Circus skills intergenerational program
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