15 February 2021

Update on the COVID-19 vaccine
Following on from our COVID-19 vaccine update earlier in the month, the Australian Government has since released some informational resources for residents in residential aged care facilities and their families, representatives and carers, that we would like to share with you.

The Australian Government have a strategy to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to Australians and have advised that residential aged care residents and workers will be among the first people who can choose to receive the vaccine in the first phase of the rollout. This is expected to commence from late February. The COVID-19 vaccines will be voluntary and free for everyone living in Australia.

For now, we do not have any further information about the roll-out and when the vaccine may be available to Whiddon residents and employees. Once we receive further details, we will provide another update.

We understand that some people may have concerns about receiving the vaccine and there may be circumstances where a person is not able to have the vaccine. Our team are here to support you and your loved one. Please make contact with your Care Manager about any concerns you may have or if you would like to book a case conference.

Please find further information from the Australian Government about the COVID-19 vaccine for residents in residential aged care facilities and their families, representatives and carers.

If you missed the Older Persons Advocacy Network’s free live webinar on Thursday 4 February with information to help older people to make an informed decision about being vaccinated, you can view the recording here.

COVID-19 page on the Whiddon website

Please remember to check the COVID-19 page on our website regularly for the latest updates from Whiddon, including the latest COVID-19 venue hotspots and locations of concern.