10 September 2020

We are very pleased to advise you that as of Monday 14 September, risk-free visits will recommence at Easton Park.

While we would have liked to offer these sooner, due to the COVID-19 situation in south-west Sydney and the large nature of the site, we felt it wasn’t possible to do this safely.

The risk-free visits, or window visits as they are also known, will need to be booked ahead. There are important considerations and requirements that we ask you to follow if you enjoy a risk-free visit. COVID-19 still remains a threat to the local community and our priority is to keep your loved ones, visitors and our employees safe. We have had no cases of COVID-19 at Whiddon Easton Park or at any of our care homes.

As aligned with NSW Public Health directives, we ask that all visitors wear a mask at Easton Park and do not enter the care homes. When you enter Easton Park from Belmont Road you will be stopped to have your temperature checked, and at that point, we can provide you with a mask to wear, or you may bring your own. Please wear the mask once you leave your vehicle.

We ask that you ensure the following:

• Please do not visit if you have travelled from overseas in the past 14 days or to any hotspots that have been identified by NSW Health or QLD Health
• You must show evidence of your 2020 flu vaccination (as required by the Government)
• Please do not visit if you have been in contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19
• Please do not visit if you are unwell or have been in contact with someone unwell
• Please do not meet in common areas. Go directly to the designated area (our team will advise you of where this when you make a booking)
• Adhere to physical distancing guidelines of 1.5m from others
• Do not enter any of the care homes
• Please remember that our team are here to help. Any aggressive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated

You can make a booking over the phone through the care home where your loved one lives. Bookings will take place between 9am and 3pm . Please note that we expect a high volume of requests, so we ask for your patience as we do our best to accommodate them.

For Arthur Webb Court and Raines House bookings phone: 02 9827 6767
For Easton Park Units bookings phone: 02 9827 6735
For Sir David Martin bookings phone: 02 9827 6666
For Taylor House bookings phone: 02 9827 6774

We understand and appreciate that this has been a difficult time and we genuinely thank you for your support and cooperation.

We hope you enjoy your visits. Please remember that we are also facilitating phone calls and video calls wherever possible.

For any questions, please contact our Customer Relations team on 1300 738 388.