Whiddon’s MyPlan tool is an aged care pricing calculator that helps you plan and budget for home care services using your assigned Home Care Package, or for privately paid services. It’s a free cost estimation tool that is designed to help you understand the costs and the range of home care support services available.

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Whiddon is a registered provider of Community Care Services across Sydney, Regional NSW and South East Queensland.

As an aged care provider, we also provide these home care services, allowing you to live a little more care free while still being in the comfort of your own home, safely and independently. Whether you have questions about the payment of your home care services or concerns to do with your pension and personal assets, we are here to answer anything you may be unsure about.

Get started with services that support you to stay living at home by selecting one of our pre-made plans below. Our plans below have been pre-made to give you a quick estimation of similar services or to give you an idea of the costs and fees for specific services you need. This calculation is just a guide, your final care costs will depend on your pension, assets and income of any sort. Alternatively, you can build your own based on exactly what you need – you’re in the driver’s seat! Select one of the pre-built plans below (you can always modify the prebuilt plan as per your needs), start building your own plan or contact us for assistance.

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Healthy Ageing

Maintain or improve your wellbeing with exercise and balance, memory support and more.
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House Proud

Keep your home and gardens looking sharp with support from our team. Furry friends? We'll help take care of them too.
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Living Safely at Home

Access the support you need to live safely at home with our flexible package.
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Keeping Connected

Stay connected with the people, places and activities that matter most to you with our Keeping Connected Package.
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We’ve developed MyPlan – Aged Care Services price calculator for anyone starting to think about home care services for themselves or their loved ones. MyPlan is an easy to use tool that helps you understand the fees and cost of care services, and puts together a plan on what exactly you need to meet your care needs.

Before you get started, make sure you have all your financial information ready for yourself or your loved one (if you are applying on behalf of them). This may include any income information, assets and pension payments.

Build your own plan

Whether you have a Home Care Package or are paying privately, our aged care calculator is flexible and lets you build a plan based on your needs, goals and budget. Whether you have Government funding and have been assessed (based on your assets and requirements) for a Home Care Package level or CHSP (limited locations), or are choosing to privately fund your home care services, Whiddon can provide you with the support that you need across Sydney, Regional NSW and South East QLD. The tool breaks down the day-to-day home care services we offer along with the care costs.

Our aim is to help you continue living independently, care free and safely whilst continuing to do the things you love. We will look after the rest!

To know more about our services and fees included, talk to one of our team members today.

Build your plan

Using the calculator is simple!

  • Step 1 – Choose a pre-existing home care plan from above or build your own plan where you can select the services you need.
  • Step 2 – Select your Home Care Package Level that you have been assessed for or select “Not Sure” option if you don’t know. 
  • Step 3 – Amend and build your plan as you wish. You can choose the frequency of the services and length of the service based on the hourly fees. The total cost is calculated as you go!
  • Step 4 – You can email your estimated plan to you and our team will be in touch to discuss your next steps.

Community Care locations?

Whiddon has 11 Community Care regions across New South Wales and Southern Queensland. We offering a range of flexible and personalised services to support you to live safely and independently at home.

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We are with you throughout each step. Contact us to find out more about using this tool or if you have questions about your Home Care Services pricing and fees.

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