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We all want to feel that rewarding passion for what we do in our jobs. To feel that passion, you need a little support from your colleagues and the organisation you work with.

We know it’s difficult to believe that another care organisation might be better than where you are now. But from our beginnings 75 years ago, we have always believed that the human quality of respect is especially important. That understanding others and personal connections are especially important. These set the foundation for deep and important relationships and have grown into a unique relationship-based care approach and a culture of teamwork, trust and open communication. A big part of this is the focus on employee growth and development to deliver that care model and culture.

It all adds up to the place where you feel supported in caring for others. A place where your own growth and development is supported. Where you really feel that passion in what you do every day. Take the time to explore how you can feel that passion again, at Whiddon.

Whiddon culture

Our culture is built on strong and meaningful relationships, a commitment to supporting our people, and connections to the communities we serve.

We’re like one big family and treat each of our residents, clients and team members with the same levels of passion, care and respect.

Our Values

    Nurturing relationships

    Being progressive and innovative

    Making an exceptional impact

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From registered nurse and assistant in nursing roles, to administration, catering, leisure and corporate jobs, find your career to care about with Whiddon today.

Benefits of an Aged Care Career at Whiddon

Our people provide exceptional care and support to thousands of older people across NSW and QLD every day.
At Whiddon, we’re committed to their well-being and ensuring they feel supported while growing their career in aged care.
We offer a fantastic range of employee benefits including professional development and training opportunities. We want our employees to be continuously growing within their role - and the company.