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What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages provide subsidised aged care services to support and enable older people to continue living at home.

Whether you want everyday care and help around the home, or transport services to help you stay connected to your community, at Whiddon, you’re in the driver’s seat with your Home Care Package.

Our team understands that your goal is to continue living safely and independently at home, while also remaining connected to the things that matter most to you. We’re here to support you to achieve this goal, and it all starts with really getting to know you and understanding how we can help you live the way you want to.

At Whiddon, our wonderful carers take the time to really get to know you and understand what matters most to you. This is part of our MyLife award-winning model of care. This allows us to develop stronger relationships with our clients and ensure we’re helping you reach your goals.

Why choose Whiddon as your home care package provider?

Our approach to care is to partner with you, and family or friends you wish to be involved in your care, to build a personalised and flexible care plan just for you.

  • We ensure that you have at least 80% of your Home Care Package funds to use on services, rather than administrative overheads

  • Care Calls – as a Whiddon customer you can access 5 calls per week, free of charge

  • No additional costs for staff to travel to your home

  • Lower on-charges for your purchases and additional services, like allied health & outsourced specialty services

  • Affordable care management to ensure you’re supported by our expert Coordinators

  • Dedicated and regular care workers, and our award-winning relationship based care model

  • Access to our Community Coordinators and Scheduling Teams who support you with your care, service bookings and changes

  • Invitations to join Whiddon social programs held by Community Care

  • Support to access & organise respite care at our nearby Residential Homes

  • Priority access to Whiddon Retirement Villages and support to organise your move

  • Assistance to access additional support equipment or assistive technologies

What services can I have with a Home Care Package?

There’s a wide range of heath, care and support services available through your Home Care Package. What you access depends on what you need and want, and what will support your wellbeing goals. Services range from personal care, housework and home modifications, to transport and social support – see what home care services Whiddon offer:

Personal transport icon as part of Whiddon's community care services.

Aged Care Transport

to help you access your community

Whiddon Aged Care program - Chat, Stories & Tea.

Social Support

to help you stay connected

Groceries icon for community care solutions

Meals and Groceries

from the weekly grocery shop to helping prepare your meals

Creature Comforts icon for Whiddon's creative ageing program.

Pet Care

because we know that they’re part of the family

Healthcare icon

Nursing and specialist clinical care

from regular visits, to rehabilitation or care at home when you’re unwell

Cleaning icon for Whiddon community care solutions.
Help around the home

Help around the home

from housework and laundry, to making the bed

Care call icon.

Care Call Service

supporting you and your carer

Gardening and outdoor spaces icon.


helping you with your garden

Community care icon.

Personal Care

to ensure you’re looking good and feeling well

Dancewise icon

Social Groups

Being part of community is important to wellbeing

Tech Assistance

Technology Assistance

Help with Mobility Aids, Technology and Equipment to help you live well at home.

How do Home Care Packages work?

There are four levels of Home Care Packages in Australia to meet different care needs and the level that you’re approved at is based on the outcome of your Aged Care Assessment (ACAT).

Each Home Care Package level receives a set amount of funding from the government that can be used to pay for care and support services to keep you living at home.

Where do I start?

  • The first step is to understand your options. Talk to your family, support person, GP or a provider like Whiddon to see what types of support services are available and for help with goal planning.
  • Step 2 is for people who are looking at subsidised care through a Home Care Package – you can arrange an assessment directly through My Aged Care, or contact us and we’ll assist you for free.
  • Step 3 is to research your options and shop around – what are you looking for? What do the providers offer? Do they feel like the right fit for you? Ask about fees and costs, the number of hours of service you’ll receive, office locations, care worker qualifications and care and package management fees.
  • Step 4 is to choose a provider and get started! Meet the team who will support you, create your care plan and talk about what’s important to you and your lifestyle. At this point you should be signing your Agreement and getting started with planning your care and services.

What do Home Care services cost?

It’s important to understand the different fees that are part of Home Care Packages and to ask your provider questions about what they will charge your package. There’s a great resource that explains costs for Home Care Package, Self-Managed Packages and Fully-Managed Packages to support you.

Home Care Package funding is made up of 3 parts:

  1. Home Care Package subsidy – this is paid by the Government and the amount changes depending on what level Home Care Package you have been given.
  2. Basic Daily Care Fee – this is your contribution to your care and it supplements the Government subsidy. Your contribution is capped at 17.5% of the pension.
  3. Income Tested Care Fee – this contribution only applies to people who have an income above a certain amount and is different for everyone. Your Centrelink assessment will tell you what you are expected to contribute.

Plan and budget for home care services

MyPlan helps you plan and budget for home care services and Home Care Packages. It’s a free tool that is designed to help you understand the range of care and support services available, and what they cost.

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