Date: 6 January 2021

Award-winning aged care provider, Whiddon Grafton, is trialling the Motiview tool, which sees residents using specially adapted exercise bikes and visual technology to take them to their favourite destinations locally and around the globe.

Motiview was developed by Scandanavian supplier Motitech, to engage residents in exercise by adding a virtual bike tour element to the experience. This brings many benefits to residents who participate as it improves their physical health and stamina, along with their cognitive health.

The innovative tool helps older people to become more motivated to engage in exercise. As a resident cycles, they see video footage of places that are familiar to them such as a town they grew up in, or a special family holiday they enjoyed. They can also listen to their favourite songs as they pedal, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Residents are able to choose from wide range of places around the world to cycle through. Residents have so far enjoyed virtual rides through Ireland and Sydney. Resident cyclists can pedal with their feet or use the hand pedalling option as they enjoy a virtual visit to their favourite places. Importantly, the program offers opportunities for social connection as residents are encouraged to share their stories and special memories as they cycle virtually locally or around the world. They can even compete against others in a friendly cycling competition which allows them to connect to others outside of the care home too.

Whiddon Grafton resident, Warren, is now connecting more with others and loves using the bike. He enjoys what it has to offer and we have seen that he is spending more time with other residents and enthusiastically embracing the experience.

Residents are really enjoying the experience. They join in as a group by watching along as a resident pedals. They love chatting about the places they see in the videos and sharing their own fond memories of them. They do get excited to see places they have visited. You can hear plenty of laughter from the room, they really love what this program has to offer. We look forward to evaluating the trial early next year, Sandra said.