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Getting to know you helps us find the right
aged care solution for you

Aged care is no longer just about receiving clinical care in a nursing home. Aged care offers a range of care, support and wellbeing services for older Australians. These services may be to help you continue living in your own home, or to provide around-the-clock care and support in a care home. In Australia, the aged care system offers a wide range of options to meet the different needs and preferences of each person.

What’s the right aged care solution for me?

As a provider of aged care services, we’ve been supporting older Australians for over 70 years. That’s how we know that finding the right aged care solution for yourself or for a family member can be a confusing experience. Getting to know you helps us find the right aged care solution for you. By understanding your current situation, care needs and goals, our experienced and supportive team will be able to guide you through the process of understanding the types of care available and what they involve.

What can Whiddon help me with?

Some of the ways that we can help with getting started and understanding what the journey looks like include:

  • Discovering the range of aged care services available

  • Finding the right care solution for you or your family

  • Understanding the cost of different aged care options

  • Accessing and talking with MyAgedCare

  • Helping you organise an Aged Care Assessment

  • Finding and accessing the right information to ensure you’re informed and able to make the right decisions


Our Aged Care Solutions

At Whiddon, we believe that the right environment is important to support your health and wellbeing goals. Learn more about our range of care solutions and what they include or get in touch with us and let us help you.

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Residential Care

Experience award-winning residential care that’s trusted by Australians for more than 70 years.

Feel at home with our exceptional care and wellbeing support, hotel services, a range of accommodation options, dementia care, and exclusive wellbeing and social programs.

You will feel like part of the family at our residential care homes and benefit from our dedicated care teams who really get to know and understand you.

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Community Care & Home Care

Qualified, caring and dedicated care workers supporting you at home.

Whiddon’s Community Care services are here to help you stay living safely and independently in your own home.

These services are provided by dedicated, experienced and qualified staff and range from help with housework, preparing nutritious meals and shopping for groceries. They also include assisting you to access your community with transport options and nursing care with a Registered Nurse.

Our community care & home care services can be paid for in a variety of ways. Choose from using your Home Care Package to paying privately or use a combination of both depending on the services you would like.

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Retirement Villages

Experience village life with a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Our retirement villages offer a safe, secure and affordable choice for your retirement.

Whiddon’s retirement villages offer a maintenance-free lifestyle where you have the support of our team and the village community all while enjoying your retirement in the comfort of your own home.

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Respite Care

Short-term relief care to support you and your carer.

Respite care provides short-term care for older people, either in their own home or in a residential aged care home.

Respite care also ensures that carers or family members can take a short break to recharge and take care of their own wellbeing too.

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Aged Care Transport

Get to the places you want to go, anytime.

Have one of our caring and qualified care workers pick you up and drive you to your appointments, help with shopping trips and run errands. They can also take you to see your loved ones and to any social gatherings and places that are important to you.

Aged Care Transport services can be paid for privately or through your Home Care Package.

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About our Aged Care Support Service

Whiddon’s aged care support service is free of charge, available to everyone and ensures that you’re informed and empowered to make these important decisions about care.

  • How much does aged care cost?
  • What is the difference between residential aged care and home care?
  • Can I visit aged care facilities before making a decision?
  • What activities and social programs are available in aged care facilities?

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