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Ageing Concerns shares news and resources about aged care services, wellbeing and dementia. From informationĀ about changes to Home CareĀ and the cost of aged care, to accessing services and moving into residential care.

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March 13 2020 Ageing concerns

Find out about Case Management, how it works and why it’s a great support mechanism for older people receiving care and support services at home.

If you’re beginning the journey of accessing Community Care, find out helpful information about Home Care, Home Care Packages and what to expect from your provider.

December 03 2019 Ageing concerns

The news that older people need more support to stay living at home is not new. From media coverage on the extensive Home Care Package queue to research reports from aged care peak bodies, the challenges seniors are facing to live well at home is well documented…

July 29 2019 Ageing concerns

Private Home Care Services are a great solution while you’re waiting for a Home Care Package, or if you’re just looking for short term support. They’re user-pays and…

October 16 2018 Ageing concerns

There are some simple changes that can help older people to live safely and independently in their own home.

September 20 2018 Ageing concerns

Ruth has been James’ primary carer for nearly a decade and discovered respite care as a way for her to take a break and recharge – find out how respite care supports carers…

May 07 2018 Ageing concerns

An experienced nurse shares the story of a day in her career, a day that she has never forgotten and that reminds her of the compassion, empathy and humanity …

April 30 2018 Ageing concerns

A care call service is a scheduled phone call from an aged care provider offering support and assistance for older people living at home. Find out how Care Call supports Jan…

March 19 2018 Ageing concerns

Read a son’s heartfelt letter of thanks to the aged care home staff who cared for his dad…

November 10 2017 Ageing concerns

Making the transition from living at home independently to moving into aged care can be a difficult time, especially for a spouse of a loved one. Gloria shares her story with us…

October 19 2017 Ageing concerns

Consumers and families voiced that one-on-one help and advice is needed, and that they are overwhelmed in navigating the decision and paperwork maze that is aged care

October 17 2017 Ageing concerns

This week is Carers Week and we’re taking a look at respite care, the benefits of respite care for older people and their carers and how it works…

August 10 2017 Ageing concerns

For Tom and Topsy, Case Management was the first step in ensuring they were supported to continue living at home as safely and as independently as possible…

May 29 2017 Ageing concerns

There are a number of proactive steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falls, including things you can do at home. Read on for our checklist of falls prevention strategies