Innovative aged care program drumming up health and wellbeing benefits

Aged care program drumming up health benefits

An innovative program that teaches aged care residents drumming techniques, is hitting the right note with residents, who as a result, are enjoying a boost to their health and wellbeing.

The wellbeing program, run fortnightly at a number of residential aged care homes in Belmont and Redhead just south of Newcastle, has proven popular, with attendance tripling in size since the program was implemented by an award-winning aged care provider.

How the program works

Led by a music teacher with a passion for music enrichment and older people, the drumming program encourages aged care residents to stay physically active, connect with other residents, build their confidence and learn new skills.

The upbeat music combined with colourful props such as ribbons, balloons, scarves and beanbags, makes for a vibrant and engaging program that offers a range of health benefits for participants.

Health and wellbeing benefits of drumming workshops in aged care

In the workshops, residents are encouraged to move in ways they may not move everyday, such as reaching up, twisting their upper body and bending, in order to build flexibility and strength. The sessions begin with a warm-up, and to challenge coordination, a clap is added between throwing a bean bag.

The fortnightly sessions also drum up plenty of fun and social benefits. Using popular music from when residents were in their twenties and thirties helps to encourage memory and sharing of experiences. The sessions also bring opportunities for conversation and a sense of achievement as a group. And there’s always plenty of time to celebrate together after a session!

Watch along to see how this program is making a difference to the lives of older people living in residential aged care. 

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