Gardening and Home Maintenance

Aged Care

You can access a range of garden care, maintenance and home modification assistance and services to help you live safely at home through community care services. 

This includes supporting you to spend time in the garden, helping you visit a garden centre to purchase plants, taking care of garden maintenance for you, or organising someone to mow the lawns or take care of tasks such as changing the light bulbs.

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For more information about our Home Care Services visit our Community Care page.

Home modifications

We can also support you to explore and arrange home modifications that will support and enable you to continue living at home. These could be minor alterations to your home and living environment, like adding hand or grab rails, to support you to stay living at home safely. Or they could be larger changes, like upgrading and changing your bathroom or changing the entry points to your house.

What does it cost for home and garden maintenance services?

Keeping your home and garden just the way you like it, or spending time in the garden if that’s what you love, can be covered through your Home Care Package, or paid for as a Private Home Care Service.

More information about Community Care costs

What does it cost for home modifications?

Depending on what type of home modifications you need, and the funds that you have available, you may be able to pay for these through your Home Care Package. You can also explore the costs of home modification through a private agreement.

Where can I access home and garden maintenance and home modifications?

Home Maintenance, gardening and lawn services, and home modifications are available in all of our Community Care locations across New South Wales and southern Queensland.

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  • I like my gardens tended to in a specific way, will you do it the way I like?