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Helping with organising disability support

Support Coordination for NDIS participants

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme

The support coordinator will help find and engage suitable service providers that help you to work towards and achieve your goals. These providers could be NDIS providers or community and mainstream providers. Your coordinator will help you to set up service agreements with your chosen service providers. It can be time consuming to do these tasks on your own, which is where the support coordinator comes in to help.

Having a support coordinator will assist navigating through the NDIS processes and help you feel prepared for any NDIS meetings you might have as they will collate any reports from therapists or providers and complete their own progress report for the NDIA planner to review and make their funding determinations for your following plan.

Having a support coordinator will help you to stay on track with achieving your NDIS goals and ensuring you are accessing the right providers to assist with this.

Whiddon provides support coordination

  • Assistance with accessing disability-specific services

  • Assistance with accessing community and mainstream services

  • Help with staying on track with NDIS goals

  • Finding and engaging NDIS services

  • Coordinating NDIS services

  • Liaising with the NDIA where required

Our friendly team is here to help you with you with your disability support enquiry

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