Vision and values

Our purpose

Our purpose is to support a rich and valued life’s journey for people with care needs.

Whiddon is a not for profit provider delivering services that enable quality of life to those with care needs across metropolitan, regional, rural and remote NSW.

Our wellbeing approach to care enables each person to maintain their level of independence and stay connected to the people, communities, interests and places that matter to them.

Our values

Be progressive and innovative

We continually strive to improve what we offer our clients and how we interact with our communities. With a ‘can do’ spirit and attitude, we are open to change and flexible as an organisation.

We are brave and passionate about achieving the best outcomes and value creative thinking.

Nurture relationships and communities

People are our priority including our clients and their families, our staff and our local communities. Relationship-centred care that focuses on partnership, empathy, respect and building trust is at the heart of what we do best.

Strong and healthy connections with our local communities with mutual support and collaboration are very important to our clients’ wellbeing and the sustainability of our services.

Create exceptional impact

Exceptional impact goes beyond expectations, is highly tailored, accessible and sustainable. It makes a real difference to people’s lives.

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