Whiddon Community Care - Pet Care

We know that your furry friend is an important family member, and that taking care of them is an important part of your life. 

We can support you to take care of your cat, dog or other domestic pet by:

  • Helping you take them for walks
  • Ensuring they’re having regular meals
  • Taking care of the cleaning up
  • Organising vet visits and grooming appointments.

Other community services provided by Whiddon: Social SupportSocial GroupsMeals and GroceriesNursing and Clinical Care, Home and HouseholdGarden and Home MaintenanceCare CallsPersonal CareTechnology Assistance.

For more information about our Whiddon Home Care Services visit our Community Care page.

How do I pay for pet care?

How you pay for pet care and support with your pets depends on what support you need. Things like helping you walk the dog, assisting with regular feeding and even organising and taking your pet to the vet can be covered through your Home Care Package.

As with all of Whiddon’s community care services, you can also pay for pet care as a Private Community Care Service.

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Talk to us if you need help to look after your pet

Pet care and Home Care Package - FAQS

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