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A resident holding eggs that were collected during HenPower, a creative ageing program from Whiddon.
Who would've thought a 94 year old woman could love a chicken? - Verley, Hensioner

HenPower is a creative ageing and animal therapy program that incorporates creative activities and art with keeping chooks. HenPower is a unique program that is at the heart of many of our care homes, bringing life, laughter and great friendships to our residents, staff, families and visitors.

HenPower isn’t just for residents of our homes, the program is at its very best when family members, local schools and the wider community are involved. Many of our homes include local schools and kindergartens in their HenPower program and creative activities.

HenPower was developed by UK organisation, Equal Arts. Whiddon are the first provider to offer HenPower in Australia and we won a Better Practice Award in 2016 for our HenPower trial.

What are the health benefits of HenPower?

HenPower is one of our wellbeing and creative ageing programs and has numerous health and wellbeing benefits for residents, including:

  • improved general health and well-being

  • bringing the many benefits of animals and pet therapy into our homes, each and every day

  • significant reduction of depression

  • reduction of loneliness

HenPower in the News

A Whiddon carer and a resident cradling a hen as part of Whiddon's creative ageing program, HenPower.
HenPower promotes wellbeing in aged care
ABC News
A Whiddon resident lovingly holding a hen as part of Whiddon's HenPower program.
The Hensioners
A Whiddon resident sitting contently beside a Hen as part of HenPower, a creative ageing program by Whiddon.
HenPower trial in nursing homes
Sydney Morning Herald

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