Social groups and clubs for seniors

Social groups and clubs are an incredibly important community care service. We know that helping older people stay connected, enabling them to participate in the things they enjoy and being part of their community is incredibly important to wellbeing. Whiddon’s social groups and social support offer a range of different focuses and activities, including cooking classes, activity groups, exercise groups, technology lessons, outings to town and more.

Social support is available one-on-one, in small groups, or in a larger group of people. You’re able to connect with old friends, or make new ones, with the support of a qualified and experienced care worker. Morning tea and lunch may also be provided for group sessions.

Other community services provided by Whiddon: Social Support, Meals and Groceries, Nursing and Clinical Care, Pet Care, Home and Household, Garden and Home Maintenance, Care Calls, Personal Care, Technology Assistance.

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Ask us about social groups and clubs for seniors

Social Support and the Commonwealth Home Support Program

Whiddon’s Social Clubs are available through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) to help older people stay socially connected in their community. Because the Social Clubs are run through CHSP, they are largely funded by the Government and there is a small additional cost for the person accessing the program. 

This type of social support, through the CHSP, is available in limited locations, including: New England (Narrabri, Tamworth and Moree), Northern Sydney (Hornsby) and South West Sydney (Glenfield).

Group social support and social clubs

Whiddon provides social clubs and group-based social programs for seniors through a number of funded and private home care programs. Access and pay for social support in a group setting through your Home Care Package or as a private service.

Where can I access social groups and social clubs?

Whiddon’s social groups and social clubs are available in all of our Community Care locations across New South Wales and southern Queensland. Community Care clients are also able to access many of Whiddon’s award-winning wellbeing programs in our Residential Care homes.

Social groups and clubs for seniors - FAQs

  • What social support can I access through the Commonwealth Home Support Program