Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)

End of Life Care – Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)

At Whiddon, we are deeply committed to providing relationship-based care for our residents and clients. This means, taking the time to understand what matters for our residents and clients, supporting personal choice in all aspects of their life, and how they navigate their end-of-life experience.

It is important to be aware that the Government has now legalised Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW and QLD.

Our role at Whiddon is to provide access to information, including the right external support and resources, if residents or clients request Voluntary Assisted Dying as an option they would like to consider as part of their end-of-life plan.

If residents or clients have requested information about Voluntary Assisted Dying, a confidential conversation will be arranged to provide the relevant information and external resources.

For further information, please speak with your Director of Care Services, Regional General Manager, or you can access the below resources.


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