Help with grocery shopping and meal preparation

Care worker is helping to prepare a meal

Eating regular, nutritious meals you enjoy is important for your wellbeing and health. It’s equally important for people who love to cook and prepare their own meals, to continue to spend time in the kitchen, with assistance if required.

You may be looking for help to travel to the grocery store or to do your weekly shopping, or a help to prepare a meal for yourself, and a loved one, or perhaps for a family dinner, just like you’ve always done. Our care workers are here to help you continue your traditions, whether it’s driving you to the shops, helping with food preparation, or even cooking the meal for you, under your guidance. 

If it’s ready-meals that you prefer, these can be arranged through a range of different brands as part of your Home Care Package.

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For more information about our Whiddon Home Care Services visit our Community Care page.

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What does it cost for assistance with meals and groceries?

There’s a variety of ways that you can pay for assistance with meals and groceries through Community Care. If you have a Home Care Package, you can cover the cost of this through your funding. You can also pay for help with meals and groceries as a private service, whether it’s a once-off for that special birthday dinner, or regular help. There are also some options of attending this through CHSP funding, depending on your location and availability of services.

Meals and grocery shopping help - FAQs

  • What else can you help me with as part of a meals and groceries service?
  • Can I request the type of meals that I want care workers to cook for me?