Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is a new day to celebrate our unsung heroes, the wide spectrum of people who work in the aged care industry.

Aged Care Employee Day is designed to celebrate each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for people who receive aged care services.

Find out more about this new day and how you can celebrate our aged care workforce on August 7th, 2018!

What is Aged Care Employee Day?

Aged Care Employee Day is designed to celebrate each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for people who receive aged care services – from the nurses and care workers, to the cooks and hospitality teams, to the drivers, cleaners and laundry employees, to the volunteers, to the leisure and lifestyle officers and administration teams.

Through their work, these people often develop meaningful relationships with our older loved ones – becoming defacto family members in the process.

Their dedication to what is a rewarding, yet regularly challenging profession in which they devote themselves to caring for others sets them apart.


Find out more about the day

To find out more about the ‘Aged Care Employee Day’, please visit the official awareness day website:


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How did Aged Care Employee Day begin?

While initiatives like International Nurses Day exist, they only touch a very small percentage of the incredible people involved in the industry (over 8-in-10 employees in the aged care workforce work in roles outside of a registered nurse, enrolled nurse or nurse practitioner). The team at Whiddon recognised this issue and resolved to change it by creating the new day.

Chris Mamarelis, CEO, The Whiddon Group, said: “We have long felt that some of the most unsung heroes in our society are aged care employees – all of them. While Whiddon has always been committed to showing our own team members how much we care, we felt that was simply not enough and that everyone in the industry deserves special recognition and a day to pay homage to the valuable work they do.

“We often leverage our strong community connections and engage families, friends and community groups to help care for older Australians, ensuring they achieve a healthy quality of life. But, this often means people who work in aged care are putting others’ needs before their own, which is why we need to celebrate their hard work.

“We came up with the idea to officially create Aged Care Employee Day – a day to allow everyone to say a huge thank you to these selfless people and a day to celebrate the people behind our entire industry.”


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