Date: 8 October 2015

The Whiddon Group Kelso employee, Liz Priddle, has been named the NSW State winner in the 2015 Aged Care Hospitality Awards ‘Laundry Services Individual of the Year’ category.

Liz has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to her profession, her positive attitude and dedication.

The recognition came as quite a surprise to Liz, saying she has never felt an award is necessary.

“I just go to work each day and do the best I can, and at the end of my shift if I have made a client happy and achieved what I needed to do, then that’s all I care about,” she said.

Originally an Assistant in Nursing, Liz joined Whiddon Kelso in 2002 and has since moved into the laundress role. She continues to display passion and drive for her role, supporting her colleagues and remaining a comforting presence for residents and their families with her calm and compassionate demeanour.

Known for going above-and-beyond in her role, Liz takes the time to pay special attention to the care of residents’ clothing and addresses their concerns, understanding that for some, it is difficult to part with their belongings.

Liz ensures that all clothing items are properly labelled to reassure the residents, and to also minimise the chances of anything going missing. On the off-chance that items are misplaced, Liz has a knack for locating and returning them, with the ability to decipher unrecognisable labels and a familiarity with the clothing which helps her find out who the items belong to.

She’s also known to regularly take items home that require minor repairs or soaking, ensuring that the quality of clothes remain, and providing a ‘home’ touch that the residents enjoy.

“Some of our clients do not always have family or friends close by so when there’s clothing that may need a little bit of extra attention, I bring it home and do what is required to help ease them of any worry,” she said.

“I don’t do this because I have to, I just do this because I want to! I’ve always liked to help people, particularly older people.” she said.

Liz also takes great pride in putting away residents’ clothing into their rooms, treating this as though it were her own and often tidies residents’ wardrobes, hanging shirts and dresses and ensuring everything is in place and where the residents can find their items.

A quiet achiever, Liz makes residents feel at home and positive feedback about her approach is regularly received.

Liz has received several ‘Thank You’ and ‘Employee of the Month’ awards from residents, relatives and other employees during her time at Whiddon Kelso in recognition of the care, attention and outstanding work that she does.

Admired by her colleagues on both personal and professional levels, she is acknowledged as one of the hardest working employees in the home.

“Liz is always approachable, at any time of the day and is always first to help a staff member, resident or family locate a missing personal item,” shared one of her colleagues, adding “she is a quiet achiever, always thinking of others in her work and goes out of her way to make sure everything is spic and span and running as it should.”

Liz will now progress to the National finals, with the winners being announced at the Gala Dinner to be held at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park on Friday October 30, 2015.