Date: 13 February 2019


Posted at 7.20pm 13/02/19
Following our previous update regarding the AusGrid power outage across the Hornsby area, we are pleased to share that power has now been restored to Whiddon Hornsby via the grid. 
It is now back to business as usual for our home, residents and staff – a big thank you to everyone affected for their understanding and patience.
Posted at 5.35pm, 13/02/19
At approximately 12.30pm today, an Ausgrid substation providing electricity to the Hornsby area experienced an outage. This outage is affecting our aged care home in Hornsby, with power still out as at 5.30pm.
Our residents and team members are all safe and sound, and in relatively good spirits. There are additional team members on duty this evening to ensure our residents are well supported and looked after, there is plenty of food and water onsite, and dinner is organised.
Primary contacts of all residents have been notified of the outage and the current situation and reassured that their family member or friend is safe and well.
A generator is onsite now, with connection expected to occur this evening to provide power to the home.
Updates will continue to be provided via Whiddon’s website and  Facebook page. We encourage you to check back here for further updates, or message us on Facebook if you’d like to reach us directly.
No further updates to be provided.