Date: 9 November 2021

The Cooking Club program, formerly known as Vintage Bites, is a Whiddon creative ageing program that was relaunched in September 2020 and ended in June 2021.

The ‘Cooking Club’ program, run exclusively by Whiddon, aims to encourage social connection and provide residents with opportunities to connect over cuisine and celebrate food traditions together.

The first stage of the program, rolled out in 2020, included a competition that would see residents sharing and cooking recipes across Whiddon’s care homes participating in the program. Residents would come together each month (even weekly) and follow a range of sweet and savoury recipes given by different residents. This was much more than just cooking activity, we saw residents and staff come together to share past stories about their family’s favourite meals and their love for being in the kitchen.

All the participating care homes had lots of fun together and we loved seeing all the residents get involved in a program that taught them new recipes and skills.

At the end of the ten months, the Cooking Club panel reviewed the participation and dedication across the care homes during the program, to determine the care home that would take out the inaugural Cooking Club prize!

It was a close call however there only be one winner…

The winner of the Cooking Club was Whiddon Narrabri Robert Young. The residents at Whiddon Narrabri Robert Young showcased some wonderful dishes every month and displayed amazing teamwork, they won the inaugural trophy and a dining experience for all to enjoy together.

Check out the recipe book here.

Over the next 10 months we look forward to seeing all Whiddon care homes participating in the Cooking Club program. Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see monthly updates of the delicious dishes that will be made in the kitchen by our residents.