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Care worker helping a lady with disability at home

Domestic Support for people with disability

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme

This is when a care worker will come into your home and assist you with tasks around the home that you are not able to complete by yourself. The care worker could help by tidying the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, vacuuming or mopping the floors and dusting.
This support will help you to work towards achieving your goal of remaining independent in your own home for longer, and ensure that you are supported to maintain your home environment.

Whiddon provides following services to help people with disability at home

  • Daily living aids for disabled

  • Help for seniors with disabilities

  • Help at home for disabled pensioners

  • Help with cleaning for disabled

  • Home help for disabled adults

  • Help with housework

  • Assisted living services

  • Garden and backyard maintenance

  • Assistance with food preparation

  • Washing in-home or organising a laundry service

  • Help with moving around

  • Domestic support for NDIS participants

Our friendly team is here to help you with you with your disability support enquiry

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