MyLife & Relationship Based Care

Residents from Whiddon's Laurieton Retirement Village enjoying a Best Week adventure, a Whiddon initiative.

MyLife is Whiddon’s award-winning model of care that puts relationships at the heart of great care.

Our care philosophy has always been based on a belief that personal growth and meaningful activity is possible for everyone. Research and experience tells us that meaningful day-to-day relationships between residents and our team members are at the heart of great care and a way to building strong relationships with residents and clients. This is the essence of relationship based care.

MyLife, our award-winning model of aged care, integrates care for social, emotional and physical needs. MyLife is underpinned by a strong relational approach where care staff build deep personal relationships with the people they provide care for, delivering better outcomes for everyone!

Our relationship based care approach focuses on partnership with residents, clients and their families, to achieve a highly personalised level of care. When our teams learn more about our residents’ and clients’ unique life experiences, they are able to work together and with families to keep people participating in the things that matter most to them.

All Whiddon employees are trained through a specific MyLife training program which equips our team with the skills, new techniques and approaches to provide relationship based care. Our goal is to ensure our aged care workers are building relationships that are meaningful with our residents.

This also shows just how valuable teamwork can be when we’re working together to deliver something special for our residents.

What are the benefits of Relationship Based Care?

  • Stronger relationships between residents, clients and the team who are caring for them

  • Greater involvement for family members and stronger relationships with the care team

  • A true partnership and choice in your care and how you’re supported

  • A dedicated care team for residents in our homes, with consistent staffing

  • Specially trained people who provide the support to our residents and clients

  • Involvement in our fantastic Best Week program, creating tailored activities for each resident

  • A focus on re-ablement and wellbeing for residents and clients

  • Proven health benefits, including improved mood, physical function and participation

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Aub's Best Week

A Whiddon resident in a car showcasing Whiddon's MyLife relationship based care program.

97 year old Aub’s a self-professed petrol head.

A lover of anything that drives fast and a mechanic by trade in his younger years, Aub’s Best Week saw him go cruising around the Camden Haven in a Mustang Convertible.

It was an extra special event for Aub to get back on the roads, albeit in the passenger seat, as he had stopped driving a year earlier after more than 80 years behind the wheel and missed it greatly.

In Aub’s words- “this is the best day of my life, i’ll never forget this!”

Bette's Best Week

Bette, a resident at Whiddon, enjoying a motorcycle ride by the beach with a Whiddon carer.

99 year-old Bette ticked a big experience off her wish list when she went on a motorbike ride for her Best Week.

Bette’s last ride was 85 years ago, when she was late for her baked dinner because she was out riding on the back of a motorcycle. Not only did the team at Bette’s aged care home recreate this memory with a special baked dinner, they made sure she was back from her ride on time for tea!

Bette was joined on her adventure by her MyLife buddy, Amy, who shared that as they pulled out of the drive, Bette asked to go faster.

About MyLife and Relationship Based Care

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