VintageBites icon for Whiddon's creative ageing program. The Cooking Club

A carer with residents baking in the kitchen as part of Whiddon's creative cooking program, VintageBites.

The Cooking Club is a creative cooking program that was developed, and is run exclusively, by Whiddon.

The Cooking Club aims to create a sense of community and combat social isolation and loneliness for older people by providing opportunities for them to participate in community activities such as cooking, learning food crafts, nutrition education, supermarket tours and more.

The program encompasses cooking, food traditions, storytelling, nutrition and enjoying food together with friends. The program is run at many of our aged care homes and in our communities.

What are the benefits of The Cooking Club?

Food is a huge and emotive subject for many people, and in particular, older people. It touches on many different areas of life and experiences, and is something many people connect deeply with.

Food brings together family and friends, culture, traditions and celebrations, and affects our health and quality of life. For many older people who are experiencing frailty or poor health, food can bring great comfort, as well as improving health and wellbeing through appropriate nutrition.

Food provides a platform for enjoyment and opportunities to celebrate and socialise; food also enables us to continue growing our skills, knowledge, experience and creativity at any age. The Cooking Club recognises the importance of food, cooking and enjoying a meal together and brings this together with our social cooking program.

What does the program include?

  • Fun in the kitchen with cooking, baking and food crafts

  • Opportunities to learn new skills, and to share your skills with younger generations

  • New and different ways of celebrating special occasions and sharing food traditions

  • Opportunities to continue cooking, baking or enjoying food crafts when you live in residential care

  • Great ways to meet new people and make new friends, from fellow residents, to students from our participating schools.