HenPower – Creative Ageing

  • Margaret collecting the eggs from our henhouse
  • Jenny and Ruth feeding the HenPower Chooks
  • Aub and his chook, the majestic Priscilla

“Who would’ve thought an 94 year old woman could love a chicken?” – Verley, Hensioner

HenPower is a creative ageing program based around creative activities, arts, social connections, pet therapy and keeping chooks.

HenPower brings older people in residential care homes together with community volunteers, school kids, staff and ‘henthusiasts’ to combine pet therapy and keeping chooks with a structured creative ageing program. HenPower isn’t just for residents of our homes, the program is at its very best when family members, local schools and the wider community are involved.

HenPower was developed by UK organisation, Equal Arts. Whiddon are the first provider to offer HenPower in Australia and won a Better Practice Award in 2016 for our HenPower trial.

Meet the Hensioners

The benefits of HenPower

HenPower is part of Whiddon’s Creative Ageing offering and has shown numerous health and wellbeing benefits, including:

  • improved general health and well-being
  • significant reduction of depression
  • reduction of loneliness
  • bringing the benefits of animals and pet therapy into residential care, every day.

HenPower in the media


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