VintageBites – Seniors Cooking

  • Our VintageBites Narrabri Scone Bake-off

VintageBites is Whiddon’s creative ageing program that aims to create a sense of community and combat social isolation and loneliness for older people by providing opportunities for them to participate in community activities such as cooking, learning food crafts, nutrition education, supermarket tours and more.

VintageBites encompasses cooking, food traditions, nutrition and socialisation and is currently being run at a number of Whiddon’s services across NSW.


Watch our latest VintageBites cooking videos:

Food, cooking and keeping connected

Food is a huge and emotive subject for many people, and in particular, older people. It touches on many different areas of life and experiences, and is “deeply connected to our social selves” (UTAS Social Eating Programs for Older People paper).

Food brings together family and friends, culture, traditions and celebrations, and affects our health and quality of life. For many older people who are experiencing frailty or poor health, food can bring great comfort, as well as improving health and wellbeing through appropriate nutrition.

Food provides a platform for enjoyment and opportunities to celebrate and socialise. Food enables us to continue growing our skills, knowledge, experience and creativity at any age.


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