Terms and Conditions – Prepaid private packages

Community care service terms & conditions for customers purchasing a pre-paid private package


  1. Services Provided

1.1 The Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes of NSW (trading as Whiddon) will provide the client with a package of services designed in consultation with the client and/or their representative and Whiddon to meet the client’s individual needs. Details of the service to be provided and their delivery will be written into a Care Plan or Service Schedule which will be held on file in a central location and at the client’s home. The client has the right to decide what type of services are required and how the service will be delivered. Appendix A lists the services that are available through the pre-paid private packages.

1.2 The services that will be provided by Whiddon to the client commencing on the date that has been mutually agreed with the client.

  1. Service Agreement

2.1 Whiddon requires the client/representative to sign a service agreement prior to the commencement of services.

2.2 In circumstances where the purchaser of the pre-paid private package is not the client who will be receiving the services, Whiddon requires the service agreement to be signed by the client or their representative prior to the commencement of services.

  1. Fees

3.1 The purchaser of the pre-paid private package will pay Whiddon the agreed fee at the time of purchase. Services will not be delivered until the purchase fee has been paid.

3.2 Additional charges may apply for services which involve travel. The client will be invoiced for the number of kilometres travelled as per the current rate specified in the Schedule of Fees.

3.3 If a client wishes to interrupt or terminate a service provided for any reason with

less than 24 hours notification, this will count as one hour of service and will be deducted from the remaining package hours.

3.4 Services are limited to a 1 hour minimum duration.

  1. Payment terms

4.1 The customer agrees to pay Whiddon fees for the pre-paid private package at the point of purchase and prior to the delivery of services.

4.2 The customer agrees to pay for any additional fees (e.g. travel kilometres) as discussed and mutually agreed to by the client/representative prior to receiving the service.

4.3 The client will be responsible for all legal fees and expenses that Whiddon incurs in connection with collecting overdue amounts owed to Whiddon.

  1. Termination of Agreement

5.1 By the client:

5.1.1 The client may terminate this agreement at any time. However refunds will not be issued for any service hours not utilised from the pre-paid private package.

5.2 By Whiddon:

5.2.1 If the behaviour of the client, or anyone living in or visiting the home, becomes unsafe or unacceptable to staff providing the service.

5.2.2 If the client moves out of the area served by Whiddon Community Care Service.

5.2.3 If the client’s condition changes and the safe delivery of services is not possible due to the client’s level of need.

  1. Confidentiality

6.1 Whiddon guarantees that all reasonable steps will be taken to protect the confidentiality, so far as is legally permissible, of information provided by and relating to the client. This information will not be released either in writing, verbally or by other means to any third parties except where the release of information is necessary for the continued care of the client, and then only with the written consent of the client/representative.

  • Service Times
    • Services are available during general business hours only. These hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Service hours purchased through the pre-paid private package are not able to be used outside of the hours documented above at 7.1.
  • Booking Conditions

8.1 Service bookings can be made by calling Whiddon’s Customer Relations Team (CRT) on 1300 738 388 between 8:30am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

8.2 Following this initial contact, the CRT will arrange for a Whiddon  Community Care Coordinator to contact the client/representative to complete the service agreement, home environment audit and other required documentation.

8.3 Confirmation of service delivery is subject to:

  • Notice period given by client
  • Booking slots available
  • Client (or person representing the client) agreeing to (or ensure that client and anyone else involved agree to) abide by Whiddon’s terms and conditions, including Clause 15 – Client Code of Conduct.
  • Cancellation
    • Services cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice will not incur any penalty.
    • Services cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a penalty of one hour of service and this will be deducted from the remaining package hours.
    • To cancel or change services, call Whiddon on 1300 738 388 between 8:30am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.
  1. Service delivery

10.1 Services will be delivered by a Whiddon Certified Community Care Worker experienced in support services. She / he is identifiable by a Whiddon name badge. Whiddon invests a lot in attracting and training people who are committed to making a real difference to the lives of older Australians, so clients can rest assured that the Care Worker will do everything under her / his control to provide safe, quality services. Choice of male or female worker is available subject to availability.


Client Responsibilities

  • Read, understand and abide by Whiddon’s Terms and Conditions. Where another person is acting on behalf of the client, this person is responsible for explaining and ensuring the client’s agreement prior to booking.
  • Pay any additional fees as mutually agreed to.
  • Permit a Home Environmental Audit to be completed in their home by a Whiddon representative to ensure a safe work environment for both clients and staff.


Client Code of Conduct

  • The Client will make every effort not to make unreasonable demands on the staff.
  • The Client will refrain from using abusive or unacceptable language.
  • The Client will not engage in any improper or inappropriate conduct.
  • The Client will not put themselves or the staff member at risk of harm or injury.
  • The Client will not request the staff member to engage in any illegal, improper or inappropriate conduct.
  • The Client will respect the staff member’s religious, cultural and personal beliefs and not engage in any form of discrimination.
  • Friends and family members of the Client engaging with the staff member are also required to treat her / him in accordance with this Code of Conduct.
  • Ongoing services
    • When the client has used all of the service hours within the package, Whiddon may assist the client to purchase additional service hours or transition to another program.
    • Whiddon reserves the right to limit the number of pre-paid private packages that can be purchased by a single customer.


Tick the service/s requested:

Home Care – Assistance with day-to-day housekeeping activities such as cleaning, laundry and ironing, dishwashing, bed-making, shopping, meal preparation and companionship.

Social Support – Assistance to participate in activities that enhance quality of life and maintain connections to family and friends.

Personal Care – Assistance with showering, bathing, grooming, toileting, medications

and mobility in and around the home.

Respite – Our professional staff will provide home based respite.

Transport*– Practical assistance with individual transport needs, to appointments, for shopping, to attend social events.

*This service will incur additional fees to cover the costs of travel kilometres.