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What is Care Call?

Peace of mind to keep you living independently at home

Care Call is our telephone assurance service that offers scheduled phone calls to check-in on older Australians.

This support service helps you live safely and independently in your own home with a peace of mind for both yourself and your family members.

This flexible, affordable check-in call can be daily or as often as you like.

Responsive assistance

Our Care Call service provides a friendly and helpful reminder for things that are easy to forget and can be tailored to the needs of each person. If something seems amiss, we can act quickly to help.

Real people on the other end of the line

At Whiddon, we value human interactions and know that meaningful connection supports wellbeing. That’s why our Care Call service isn’t an automated service but a proper conversation with a member of our dedicated customer service team.

You have the opportunity to choose what you want to talk about and personalise these calls to suit you.

How can Care Call help?

Community care icon.
Check on your safety
Healthcare icon.
Ensure medication has been taken
Residential care icon.
Encourage social connection and reduce loneliness
Groceries icon for community care solutions
Ensure meals have been eaten
A couch icon.
Reminder to secure the home and check electrical appliances have been turned off

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What does Care Call cost?

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5 calls a week
$3.99 / week

5 calls / week, Mon – Fri, 5–10 mins

Safety, Medication, General Wellbeing

Care call icon.
10 calls a week
$5.99 / week

10 calls / week, Mon – Fri, 5–10 mins

Safety, Medication, General Wellbeing

Care call icon.
7 calls a week
$7.99 / week

7 calls / week, daily, 5–10 mins

Safety, Medication, General Wellbeing

Care call icon.
14 calls a week
$9.99 / week

14 calls / week, twice daily, 5–10 mins

Safety, Medication, General Wellbeing

Care call icon.
Social connection calls
$11.73 / call

15 mins, on request

A social call to help you stay connected

Important Information about Care Call

  • Care Call is available between the hours of 8am and 7pm, 7 days.

  • Care Call may occur within a window of time, e.g. 8am–10am, unless specifically required at a set time.

  • Care Call can be paid for through a Home Care Package or as a Private Service.

  • Customer is required to nominate 3 emergency contacts. If this is not available, alternative arrangements will be made at the time of booking.


  • To cancel, please call 1300 738 388 to give 1 week (7 days) notice. Due to the subscription nature of the service, calls are rostered on a weekly basis and day by day refunds for cancellations are not available. This service can also be put ‘on hold’ in 1 week blocks, e.g. if you are going on holiday.




This service is NOT a substitute for personal emergency alert systems and devices. This service is NOT a substitute for emergency services. For emergencies dial 000.

Care Call FAQs

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  • How much does Care Call cost?
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